We are once again so honoured to have worked on this amazing Green Square Library and Plaza project which is again winning awards. Check out this article on the Sydney Morning Herald website regarding the latest design awards.


Green Square LibraryThe architects who designed the Green Square Library and Plaza have won two prestigious awards at the Australian Institute of Architects national awards ceremony on Thursday night.

The innovative underground library and plaza complex, which opened in October last year, caught the judges’ attention for preserving “breathing space” in an area set to explode with population growth.

Green Square will become home to 61,000 people by 2030 as the suburb transforms into a high-density apartment metropolis. It will become Australia’s most densely populated precinct as the “urban renewal area” spans sprawling developments at Waterloo, Zetland, Alexandria and Rosebery.

Design firms Studio Hollenstein in association with Stewart Architecture won the institute’s Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture. The Award for Urban Design was claimed by the same duo, as well as Hassell Studio.

The jury was impressed by the architects’ ability to create something eye-catching in the midst of a bustling space, ensuring all those new residents will have an award-winning cultural masterpiece to enjoy.

“Awarded through an international design competition, this project demonstrates what is possible when architects are encouraged and supported to tackle the challenges of our growing cities,” the jury said.

Green Square LibraryJury chair Clare Cousins said high-quality architecture can result in “sustainable and beautiful spaces” for people to enjoy.

“These award winners highlight the creativity in our profession, and their ability to create solutions to our national challenges,” Ms Cousins said.

“These works display the best of our profession, where the creative mind sees answers to social and practical problems.”

The library’s architects transformed land that was once a swamp into a 2300-square metre open space. There is also a cafe and an open-air amphitheatre, plus a six-storey glass tower.

Below ground, 40 skylights in the roof provide natural light, while the subterranean garden offers a tranquil spot to read in the fresh air.

The award comes as Sydney is in the grip of a library building boom, with dozens of new and refurbished libraries opening or under construction and the number of visitors rising dramatically.

The number of visitors to the state’s public libraries has increased by 6 million over the past 20 years to 35 million in 2017-18.

In July the library and plaza won awards for urban design and public and interior architecture at the NSW Architecture Awards.

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